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Baby, I need you to stay here, while I go over there to buy us some food, ok? Alright. I responded. Meanwhile, what do you want to have? Trying not give away my ulterior motive, I smiled and said, I’d have whatever you will. Shane cocked her head to one side, making her pornytail-styled  hair to bounced a little bit. I want to take Onugbu soup and akpu with my bare hands, do you know what that entails? That you would do same. I couldn’t wait for the discussion to end for her to leave me alone. I excitedly told her to buy same for me, that I was not in the mood to eat rice. She kissed me while mouthing “we need to talk about why you have that far look in your eyes when I am back”, and left. I don’t know what you’re talking about o.  

I grabbed my cardigan, tried to open the zipper, but it refused to. I kept on fondling with it till I forced it open. I took out a razor blade, unsealed it and smiled. I flashed back to when I did it the first time. It was in my apartment, a one-room-and-palour apartment that I rented in my Youth Service days. I love the quietness, the separatedness and the fact that we always had light. I had just got out of a soul shattering relationship that I tried to patch up. I struggled everyday of my life to make it work out. I liked Chris. He’s a basket baller, six feet up there, with well built body that any one would fall for. He is a poet, a computer programmer, a web designer and chorister. He sings tenor. That was my weakness. I have always loved the voice part more than mine. I had heard him take solos in several occassions. To me he was the best out there. He was my version of Andrea Boccelli and his counterparts. We were very close. I really liked him alot. We were so fond of each other. I loved him, I supposed, until the day we had a little misunderstanding which escalated to, “you are not my type of woman, I just liked the fact that you sing well, you dance, you love programming, and you play basket ball. You are too chubby for my liking!” He went on and on lisiting things he never liked about me. He made me hate myself. And that was how our love story ended. I sat in my bath tub filled up with water while I moved the blade right into my wrist. I close my eyes and expected to die, perhaps I could finally find out if heaven and hell were real, because if they were I would be visiting one of them soon. I woke up in the hospital with plaster on my left wrist. It turned out that a friend of mine a fellow chorister came to collect a score from me and was met with the incident. 

Hi Vieeeeeee jolted me back to reality. It was ‘Nenye, Shane’s  friend. She was at the same park we were. She also came to enjoy her public holiday just like Shane and I. The park is an amusement park with two different eatries and other side attractions. If you sought privacy, you would get it there. If want to revisit your childhood through toys, you will have it. It was all encompassing. Shane and I usually go there to sit down and talk, eat, drink and enjoy the evening. Vie, see as you dey fresh. I came out of the car, slided the razor blade I was holding under the passenger’s seat. Lemme jhoor. Who dey fresh?  Me wey dey dry like this, abi nah you wey dey fresh. Nne, happy Easter. Thank you jare, she responded. “Come, where is Shane?” she asked. “She went to get food for us o. She should be on …” “Right here bitches”. I was interrupted by Shane who was on her way back. I smiled, pretending to be angry, “you almost spent a year there, were you working as a waitress? Shane, hugged Nenye and turned to me placing her hands on my waist and pulling me to her, nah, I can’t take up such a job. I was gisting those who cared to listen about my heartbeat, the only girl that loves every art  I Iove. While saying this, her hands moved from my waist line up to my back, my shoulder, my neck and finally pulling my in to a kiss. I reciprocated the kiss. “You both should get a room,” ‘Nenye yelled. “Nah, we like it here”, I responded. “We sure do, Shane responded. We stared at each other eye-ball-to-ball. There was an awkward silence between us. I broke it with, “Shane, I love you”. “Forever”, she responded. “Awwwwwwwn, that’s touching and romantic”, ‘Nenye exclaimed.  “Oya, go and meet your gf”, Shane turned and gave her a litte chase, ‘Nenye ran off, laughing, and left, Shane came back. 

“My love, I am so sorry I spent time there and still came back empty handed. Their POS just stopped working when it was almost my turn. Gimme 20mins to quick withdraw money from access bank ATM gallery, on my way back I will buy us food”, Shane said. “No p dear”, I responded. “Shane?” I called out. “My love”, she responded. I will miss you, I said. She walked back to me, without saying a word she cuppled my face with her hands and kissed me. When she broke the kiss, she said, “every split of second I spend without you by my side makes me go insane. I wish it were posdible to spend centuries with you without a second of interruption from the outside world. You are a god with a beautiful soul, and I, your tireless worshipper. Baby I will be back”. She left, a little runing and walking at the same time. I was dumbfounded. I just stood there looking at her as she disappeared in to the crowd. My heart pondered on the words. I, a god? I walked back to the car, sat down on the passenger’s seat, retrieved my blade and asked myself, if I were a god, if my soul is as pretty, and beautiful as people say it is, why was I maltreated, stigmatized and rough-handled as a kid. The flash back of every beating, rape incidents, being accused of witchcraft, and unjust punishment I faced as a kid came back to me. My eyes were blinded by tears. I was drowning in my own tears. I looked at my wrist, saw the scar of the previous event, moved the blade straight, right beside the scars. It sank deep into my flesh. Blood continued to pump out endlessly as the flashback was still on going in my memory. I remembered my last day at my primary school where I was stripped naked for being a witch, for being possessed by an evil spirit which makes me turn into different animals. My school teacher flogged me and stripped me naked right in front of the whole school for sins I never committed. My mind went back to the first day I was raped as a child. I was only seven years old. I went to Ikpa to fetch some firewood for dinner. I had already rounded up my search for fire wood when I heard a noise at my back. I turned it was a man in his late 20s. He asked me where my mum was. In my innocence, I told him I came alone to the bush. He pushed me down and took full advantage of me. He told me not to scream, lest he’d kill me. Records upon records were playing in my head as I faded out gradually. 

Shane came back calling me to come help get some stuff. I could not answer her. She managely brought in the only to be met by the scene. Flinging away all she bought as she screamed in shock and disbelieve. Her voice the melody that keeps me going. Her touch the only rhythm my heart listens to. She closed the door to my side of the car and got in to the driver’s seat. She kept on calling my name; “Vie! Vie! Vie, please, don’t do this to me, baby please stay with me”, while the car moved on a very high speed. All I could see was blurry image of her, my worshipper, smiling at me. Her name was the only thing my brain could come up with. All I was able to say was Shanny,I am sorry”. I went blank. 

Yes, doctor. Ok I will go immediately to buy the drugs.  I know I felt a hand caress my cheeks down to my neck. It can only be one hand. It’s the only touch that makes my heart beat increase in tempo. It’s the only rhythm my heart responds to. Her image came to my mind. She, in her favourite blue gown, her hair packed in her favourite pornytail style, was smiling at me. I wanted to reach out and hold her hand, while I called her name. A hand held mine, “baby I’m right here”). My eyes opened. She gave me a very weary smile. I tried to sit up, but she prevented me. “You need all th rest you can get, she said. Just lie down. You will be fine”, she added.  You have been in coma for three days. You lost alot of blood. I had to turn off your phone, persons were calling endlessly. I asked her if she told anyone of my condition, she replied negative. “I am not ready to see anyone else in this condition asides you”,  I said.  Feeling all sad and pity for the both of us, I quickly added, “I am so sorry . I am such a piece of shit. My life is messed up”. Tears were streaming down my cheeks as I talked. I just wished I can change everything. I…. “You can, my love”, she said. Allow me worship your beautiful soul. Allow me to help you out of it. We will do this together at your own pace.  Baby, I don’t want to complicate your life, mine is trashed I said, all in tears. I only manage to remember that I am alive daily. “Sweetie,  listen to me, if you were to come back in your next life this shitty, I will still marry you, she interrupted. If you were to be an art work, the Monalisa can not be equated to you, because your worth is inestimable” she asserted. I was thinking of why she loved me to the point of wanting to help come out of my trauma. “Please, allow me to help out, I beg of you”, she pleaded. We were both shedding tears while continued to persuade me. I may not have been through what you have been through, but, I can help you come out of it. We can do it together. Will you? I nodded in agreement, she smiled, bent, and hugged me. 

After one, week I got discharged from the hospital. Shane drove us home while I sat on the passengee seat enjoy my chicken-pie and listening to Handel’s “Surely he hath bourne our grieves” playing in the stereo. She looked at me at said, I have never seen you this happy. I looked at her and said, “you have an inncocent, healing and soothing smile. Your smile was the last thing I saw before I passed out, it was the first thing that came to my mind when I regained consciousness. I need it everyday of my life to remind of how precious you are to me. I reached out and kissed her. She mouthed “thank you”. We spent the rest of the day in each other’s arm, chatting and laughing. 

THE NEWBIE  #poetsin9ja #nijapoets  #poetry

Just right there! 
Yes, right there! 

We dropped her off. 

We never imagined the magnitude of it. 

We just admired the newbie.
We walked passed her, 

We even matched her. 

Some of us never bothered to say goodbye. 

Some of us gave her a push.

We only liked the newbie.
Just right here! 

We turned to follow her.

We gave her all our hopes.

We made her our diety, her body, our temple. 

We loved the newbie. 
She walked away. 

Her shoulders dropping

Her eyes sad

Her head shaking in regret. 

We only adored the newbie. 
We struggled hard to keep her. 

Some gave their eyes,

Others, their nose, 

Some, the tongue, 

We just wanted the newbie. 
We hadn’t her kind of class.

We hadn’t her level of intelligence.

We hadn’t the money to keep going

We only had ourselves. 

We just wanted the newbie’s friendship. 
We ran towards her

With hope

With the faith of ammends 

We only met  sunset. 

We lost our hope all for the newbie. 

Africanness and Feminism: African Culture and Feminism

The present African society is one where the concept of feminism has achieved extra meanings and functions. Persons who have had issuess with the african traditions, use this medium to carry out their war against the culture. Also, some ladies that have had issues with men use this same medium to show their level of hatred for men. Some persons of the female gender hide under the shadow of feminism to perpetuate acts that are abominable. This attitude is most popular among the spinsters in our universities who, having undergone some literature classes or the other, jump in to conclusion, having read a couple of books on feminism. They out rightly sign up to become misandrists, forgetting that they are doing the same thing that they are against. Africa is always known for her women’s conservative nature plus respect for the head of their homes. What we have in the present day Africa is a mixture of bitterness for men and cold war to run away from society’s laid down roles. This idea mostly occurs due to the fact that many of us who claim to be fighting against the girl child and women discrimination have a blur view and idea of what feminism stands for. For clarification sake, this paper will be attempting definitions of feminism, their various types and what the present day feminists refer to as feminism. The keywords are; feminism, Africanness, and culture.

Feminism comprises of a number of social, cultural and political movement, theories and moral philosophies concerned with gender inequalities and equal right for women. The term originated from the French word “feminisme,” coined by the utopian socialist, Charles Fourier and was first used in 1890s, in association with the movement for equal political and legal rights for women. In the mid- 1800s the term was used to refer to “the qualities of females,” and it was not until after the First International Women’s Conference in Paris in 1892 that the term became popularly used. Some scholars have conducted researches and have coined their own definitions of feminism. In Estelle Freedman’s first lecture she states that, “feminism is a belief that although women and men are inherently of equal worth, most societies privilege men as a group.” Having noted that some societies favour men more than women, she states that, “as a result of this, social movements are necessary to achieve political equality between women and men, with the understanding that gender always intersects with other social hierarchies.” (Freedman,2013). Alice Duer Miller in her own way gives her view of feminism, presenting it as a question coming from her daughter, where she asks her who a feminist is, she responds saying, “ a feminist , my daughter, is any woman who cares to think her own affairs as men don’t think she outta,”( Miller,1915). Smith, in her own world sees feminism as racism. To support this view, she bases her argument on a definition of feminism, saying that, “feminism is a political theory and practice to free all women of colour, working class women, poor women, physically challenged women, lesbians, old women, as well as white economically privileged heterosexual women. Having considered her definition, it will be right to conclude that whatever is short of what she has listed is not feminism, rather, what one can call “female self- aggrandizement”. Rich on the other hand, sees feminism as the act of renouncing our obedience to the fathers and recognizing that the world they have describe is not the whole world…. Feminism implies that we recognize fully the inadequacy for, the distortion, of male –created ideologies, and that we proceed to think, and act, out of that recognition,( Rich, 1976).

Having gone through the definitions above, it is right to assert that giving to the fact that each scholar has a different view of what she knows as feminism, their attitudes towards that idea have giving birth to different shades of feminism, which this paper will slightly address.
The global idea of feminism holds that men and women deserve equality in all opportunities, treatment, respect and social rights. Having this view in mind, some self acclaimed feminists misinterpret it thereby doing what is totally different from what feminism is known for, this leads to feminism developing different shades. The first to be addressed is the liberal feminism, which is a variety of feminism that works within the structure of mainstream society to integrate women in to that structure. Its roots stretches back to the social contract theory of government instituted in America, where Abigail Adams and Mary Wollstonecraft were there from the start proposing equity for women. It is well known that the idea of a liberal feminism is to create a better place for both male and female in the world, not to usher men down to Hades as if it is now a crime to be male. The radical feminism is the direct opposite of the liberal feminism. Radical feminism is a movement that believes sexism is so deeply rooted in the society that the only cure is to eliminate the concept of gender completely. It notes that the traditional dichotomy empowers men economically more than women. They believe that women are used as instruments to the works men cannot do ; example child bearing, so that by trying to prevent this, they try to use technology to suggest a new way of giving birth. Also, they feel that the society have made it an unwritten law that men should work outside the home, while the women stay back at home to take care of children and clean the house, thereby preventing women from working outside home. The stereotype that, “all feminists are men haters, women who do not wish to have anything to do with male and women who run away from societal roles, is closely associated with this shade of feminism,” in a little way matches this shade of feminism.
Socialist feminism is slightly less extreme, but still calls for social change. It is a movement that calls for an end to capitalism through a socialist reformation of our economy. They argue that capitalism supports the sexists status quo, because, men are the ones who have a say in the money making business. This means that women are given fewer opportunities than men, this is because men are more willing to show their power and money to their fellow men more than women. This form of feminism tilts towards making women financially equal to men, thereby granting them the right to venture in to money making business and making them independent. Also, it strives to place both male and female at the same point of equilibrium , which may be seen as an insult by the male gender. The next on the line is the cultural feminism which points out how modern society is hurt by encouraging masculine behaviour, while it will actually benefit by encouraging the female behaviour. Using the Nigerian society for instance, where competitiveness and aggression are referred to as being strong willed in the male alone, the society encourages this behaviours by giving way to persons who are chief executive officers of successful businesses and high politicians, such as senators and presidents. While competition and aggression are used in this sense, cultural feminism says that by encouraging these behaviour, we are also encouraging the negative aspect of it such as suppression of feelings, crimes like assault and murder and even social issues such as domestic violence. The cultural feminists believe that the society would be better if we encouraged traditional feminine traits (being kind, nurturing, and cooperative). It will affect all aspects of life.
Cutural stand of the present day africa is somewhat different from what we had in the past. Usin nigeria as acase study, it is worthy to noted some of the things considered abominable in the past are now allowed in the present society due to technological and global change. In the past it is seen as something bad for a woman to inherit properties in her father’s house. Also it is was seen as an abomination for a woman to inherit her dead husband’s properties, most times,these properties are shared out among the male memebers of the family, not minding the fact that the woman in question has children to fend for. In the present day, society has frown at it and says that a woman should be allowed to inherit properties of her father or husband. Having this in mind, this work will highlight the different definitions of cultture, making no preference to any culture.

Hofstede, (1984), defines culure as “the collective programming of the human mind that distinguishes a member fo one human group from those of another.” Campbell, (2002), defines culture as “ a complex web of information that a person learns and which guides each person’s actions, experiences and perception.” By its nature a definition ought to delimit a concept to such an extent that the hearer understands the truth of the reality completely. At first glance, none of the above definitions does that for the aforementioned concept, but at a deeper look, one gets to unravel the meaning behind the definition. Banks, (1990) defines culture as “the behaviour, patterns,symbols, institutions, values,and other human made component of the society.” Marshall, (1995),defines culture as “consistence ways in which people experience,interpret,and respond to the world around.” Following the last definition, one can assert that it is due to this response factor that cultures allow themselves to be influenced by one another,thereby leading to both positive and negative influence. Having considered the definitions of culture by different scholars, it is worthy to note that these defintions are not the very best in that field.

Another concept that has pulled stunt in literary cum sociological field is the concept of Africanness. This concept was coined by a South African philosopher,and pan-Africanist, Robert Sobukwe, who used it to describe the way a group of people think in a positive way towards Africans. According to him, this group of persons may not really be Africans, but for the fact that they have the good of Africa at heart, they are welcome to the African world. After his death, some group of scholars,who claim to be the custodian of Robert’s philosophy,changed the meaning of the concept, from that which tilted towards the global view to something different. In post Mandela, and post apartheid, Africanness was mostly seen among Africans alone, so that the skin colour and place of origin qualified one to join in the proclamation of Africanness. The new Africanness or so to speak, does not create boundaries, it opens its doors to the world and anyone who thinks of Africa in a positive way. After the death of Robert, those scholars changed it to what the present day intellectuals understand as it to mean; those who possess a particular physical appearance and have been adversely affected by apartheid and its legacy. As it stands now, Africanness is a fusion of different classes, backgrounds, lifestyle, languages, cultures, ethnic groups and political orientations. In the field of literature, Africanness is understood as the state or quality of being African. Rhulani,(2014),notes that “Africanness can not be defined by using race, territory ,colour,language, hair,” so that for him, it goes beyond the skin. Race cannot be used to define Africanness, because, there are Europeans, who have taken keen interest positively towards African matters. Also, one cannot discuss africanness in relation with territory , because, we have people who have Africa’s interest at heart but are based in the Europe. Should their good ideas be ignored because they are not Africans or because they do not live in Africa? The answer to this question is obviously “no”. Even if we decide to tag the word African to anyone with African ancestry, how far back in time can we go? Having noted this, it is worthy to assert that Africanness is defined by one’s commitment to the issues of the African people, and nothing can better measure that africanness than one’s commitment to the spirit of Africa and Africans.

The world view of feminism has changed from that of women who fight for equal right of women to that of persons who struggle against culture, traditions, religion and societal roles. Upcoming writers, authors and poets have chosen the stereotypical part of feminism as their point of departure. Some other writers have chosen to apply a different terminologies to lead home their point. Alice Walker coined her concept which is more accommodating than urban feminism. This concept is what she calls womanism. In her “Womanism is to Feminism as Purple is to Lavender,” she makes it known that her concept of womanism is coined as a reaction to feminism, which does not encompass the perspective, “Black Woman.” Womanism does not need to be prefaced by the word “Black,” the word automatically concerns black women. A womanist is a woman who loves women and appreciates women’s culture and power as something that is incorporated in to the world as a whole. Womanism addresses the racist as the classist aspects of white feminism and actively opposes separatist ideologies. It includes the word, “men”, recognizing that black men are an integral part of black women’s lives as their children, lovers and family members. Womanism accounts for the ways in which black women support and empower black men, and serve as a tool for understanding the black woman’s relationship to men as different from those of the white women, ( Walker, 2000). Concurring to Walker’s idea and concept, one can see that her own aspect of feminism caters for the black woman’s need ( recognizing the fact that her man is part of her life and so what ever she does, she should also consider him, not as a second thought, but as one of the most important, the need to recognize that the good side of her culture also comes in when she is making important decisions in her life. Remembering that her culture is one of the things that differentiates her from the white woman.), it is right to infer that the aforementioned definitions of feminism lack the idea that this concept fights for. They only care about how to free the black woman from the culture that made her, forgetting that every culture has its good side and bad side. It is also rather appalling to note that those ideas of feminism only care to send men away from earth thereby creating the world for women alone. The idea of Africanness should help the present day society in their struggle of feminism, but what most of our feminist care about is to follow the white man’s idea of feminism. Though it is known that the African culture of those days is the type that deprive women the right to participate in the governance and decision of the town, it is also worthy to note that womanism has helped to fight for that right. The subjugation of the women race by some part of Africa has always been the source of power for radical feminists, thereby leading them to cry woe on men, without marking out that not all men are bad. As third world countries, Africa is beginning to realize that they are far behind the speed of technological development, that is one of the reasons that led to the realization that all hands must be on the deck, thereby opening the door to both men and women to participate in all aspect of life including politics.
The stand of the African culture on feminism is what on can refer to as “ the alignment of the two opposite ends”. This is due to the fact that the present day feminist cries for the declaration of a world apart for both men and women. They believe that if a woman does not marry , she will have full accesses to all she want to achieve in life. Following this reason, the present day African man believes that if a woman can not be submissive to him in all aspect of life, then she is not worthy to be called a woman, and this leads to them referring to women as “ their property”.
Furthermore, the payment of bride price which in the South Eastern part of Nigeria is like buying the woman entirely has led some men to believe that they bought the woman and have the right to treat her as they want. To correct this impression, it is worthy to note that bride price is a token the groom gives the bride’s family to show his appreciation for allowing him take their child as a wife. It is due to this idea that some womanists have decided to fight for the cancellation or reduction of what one pays as bride price. Some men stick to biblical creation of men to unleash terror on women, forgetting that God decided to take a rib from the side of a man to create a woman so as to show the relationship that should exist between the two sexes, ( companionship).
In conclusion, Africanness in relation to feminism is more like upholding African values while fighting for the right of the girl child and woman without ruling out one entirely. We can not fight our culture entirely, rather, we can only fight to change the bad sides of it that has become status quo. Having noted the definitions of feminism, its shades, the definitions of culture and african ness, one can assert that the clear difference between the stereotype of what feminism is and actually what feminism has been stated and addressed, therefore, I will like to bring in President Obama’s idea of Africanness which says; …some of us came to recognize that, no matter what we describe our ancestry to be, until we can embrace our Africanness, we are vulnerable to being devalued in our own mind, ( Obama, 2015).

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Should We Allow Feminism To Be Centred On Defining The Stronger Or Weaker Sex?

One of the probems of an unjust system is that when there’s finally a revolution, things almost always tend to tilt to the negative. Take apartheid for instance, just when we thought that things were finally turning around, we encounter xenophobia. Innocent people become victims. Till date, we are still fighting against racism but that doesn’t mean we want to turn the races that enslaved us into slaves. What’s done is done we can only work to correct and not seek revenge. Granted, women have suffered marginalization in the past; thankfully, things are getting better but we begin to be hypocrites when it’s okay for the female gender to be superior and it’s a problem when the male gender is. To be very realistic, there can never really be total equality in the world at least until Christ comes again but all we can do is give people the gift a choice and equal opportunities. If a girl want to be a soldier, let her. If a boy wants to knit, let him. But trying to prove that one gender is superior to the other is total bullshit to me because if we check these things critically, everyone’s role is important in very unique ways that can rarely be duplicated and we all should learn to respect that. A lot of people make feminism look like it’s men vs women fighting some endless war against each other and that’s deviating from the whole idea of feminism in the first place coupled with the fact that we are in an era where sexual liberation is given a chance to shine and people are being more accepting of seemingly queer relationships, it almost seems like one gender alone can suffice for the world but unfortunately for both men and women, we can’t run away from each other. You have a problem with men? Your father is a man. You have a problem with women? You were brought forth by a woman and nothing you do can change that. So while we are working towards equality, we should be VERY careful so we don’t put one gender where they will need to start fighting for equal rights decades from now. We want a world where women would be more empowered but that doesn’t mean we should disempower men.

#Se fini
©Thecla Chidimma Uzozie

This is a friend’s reaction to a video where a presenter sees feminism as a platform for defining which sex is stronger than the other. In lending my voice to this world class critic, I would say that the issue with African feminists is that they are fully ready to state how women should be given more opprtunities than the men while forgetting that each gender has roles that they play. Also, most African feminists would fight tooth and nail to stop the marginalization of women, but they will still castigate the queer ones in the society.

For me, we can only be fair if the border or barricade that prevents the queer from being themselves can be broken. When that is broken, we can look forward to a society that grants freedom to both sexes to be whatever they want to be.



Color Splash

Standing out there hopeless,
We saw it
Standing on its own
Hoisting itself
Our christ on calvary
Arms stretched like a loving mother.

We ran to it for protection
Some from themselves
Some from Blood
Others from the Cross
Others from the City
All of us from the world.

Cross failed us;
Called us sinner while teaching us lies.
Blood denied us;
Taught us to follow norms and hate.
City rejected us;
Taught us toboos.
World threw stones at us;
Called us evil.
The self remained calm.

Seeing through it, we saw it all
Pink stood for sex
Red for life and Blood
Yellow for sun
Green for nature
Turquoise for magic
Blue for harmony
Purple for spirit.

In its bosom we felt it all;
At home,
Family ties,

We chose to be hated
For being strange
We chose the colour splash over them.